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12 Great Things To Do In Newcastle – No.4 Is Must And Special

Who doesn’t love a night out with their friends? Consistently voted as the best nights out in the UK, Newcastle and its sister Gateshead is the best place to eat, drink and have a wild night out! If you’re new here, we’ve compiled a list of the things that you should do in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

1.  Go to Sage Gatehead!

Sage Gateshead is the much famous home for music and music discovery. Sounds perfect for music lovers! From orchestral music to livewire there is something for everyone and anyone!

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Why should you go to Sage Gateshead?

Sage Gateshead is an inclusive place for music where you will see all the different forms of music peacefully coexisting and learning from each other. The performances you will get to witness while being there will leave you awed for life!

There are also a lot of good food options for you if you’re not a music lover and fancy a quick bite.

How much money do you need?

Check the shows set to be on air on the website and check the ticket price for each show. This cost is variable since some shows are for free. A reasonable estimate is to keep £50 on you.

How to go to Sage Gateshead?

There are several ways through which you can go to sage Gateshead. You could use public transport links or bring your car. You could also show your ticket to the metro to get free metro travel. Train travel to Sage Gateshead from London is the quickest way to reach Sages Gateshead.

Another option to travel to Sage Gateshead is via a travelling company, and I have a trick up my sleeve that I will talk about towards the end of this article. You can avoid the hassle of arranging transport for every place you visit!

2.  Cross One of the bridges

If you’re someone who loves great architecture, you should try visiting the bridges in the area and looking at the architectural masterpieces that they are.

Tyne bridge is a must visit in newcastle

Why should you go to see the Bridges?

The relatively new bridge, the Gateshead millennium bridge tilts in the summers at noon. The high-level bridge is one of the first bridges in the world to have rail and vehicular traffic.

How to go to the bridges?

The best way to see the bridges is by a private car so that you can admire their beauty and also take beautiful pictures of yourself while standing next to the bridges.

3. Visit Pon Aelius

Known for its rich history and beautiful coasts Pon Aelius as you learn more about the war history of the area.

Why should you go to the Fort?

The Fort is a popular tourist destination because of its breathtaking beauty. Afterwards, you can take a pleasant stroll across the river and learn about the war history of the place.

How much money do you need?

Anywhere between £20-£50 pounds.

How to go?

You can rent a car or drive your own car to go to the place.

4.  Visit the Hancock Museum

The Great North Museum: Hancock is a popularly visited museum and has a lot of running exhibitions and expert talks. The museum has exciting showpieces demonstrating the history of the world from the world of Ancient Egyptians to the living planet guaranteed to give you a learning and fun experience.

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Why should you go to Hancock?

Visiting museums is often underrated, and this particular museum has shows that can help enlighten and expand your mind. Watch out for the planetarium show, which is one of the top seen and top recommended shows of the museum.

How much money do you need?

Museum entry is free!

How to go to Hancock?

You can catch the metro, or the ferry, or hop on the buses to go to and fro from the place.

5.  Visit The Theatre Royale

One of the English’s leading theatres is the theatre Royale which is inside an ancient building constructed in the 1700s.

Visit theaters in Newcastle

Why should you go to the Theatre Royal?

If you love performances, you should visit the theatre. The theatre has shows for every taste whether it be a comedy, musicals or even ballet shows. There’s something for everyone.

How much money you need to go to Theatre Royal

Prices are variable for all the shows.

How to go to Theatre Royal?

You can catch the metro, or the ferry, or hop on the buses to go to and fro from the place.

6.  Visit The Newcastle Castle

What’s a visit to Newcastle without visiting the castle? This place is a popular Newcastle attraction for anyone touring the city.

castles are always a great tourist site

Why should you go to Newcastle Castle?

The place has a history that dates back to almost 2000 years and its always great to learn the backstory, the heritage and significance of the area you are visiting and the place in itself is very tourist-friendly.

How much money do you need to visit Newcastle Castle?

An adult ticket costs about £7.50, and a child ticket costs about £4.50. Add that to the transport cost from your location.

How to go to Newcastle castle?

The castle is accessible by bus, train or car. Choose the most feasible option for you.

7.  Eat at The Blackfriars Restaurant

This restaurant is exceptionally famous for its unique food. If you’re nearby, you should check it out. A Newcastle thing to do is to eat at blackfriars, which is continuously said to be a time-honoured ritual.

fine dining at Newcastle

Why should you go to Blackfriars Restaurant?

If you’re someone that appreciates different cuisines you’re going to love what the Blackfriars restaurant has to offer to you. Blackfriars offers its customers an excellent selection of traditional British food with a touch of sophistication and elegance.

How much money do you need to go to Blackfriars Restaurant?

The menu is just under £30 per person but be wary of the hidden charges.

How to go to Blackfriars Restaurant?

You can get to blackfriars by bus, underground or train.

8. Shop.

While you’re out here touring the city you could grab a few trinkets and things that can serve as a reminder of the fantastic time that you have spent.

shopping in the UK

Why should you go for Shopping?

The Sunday Quayside market has become an important place to roam around and shop on the weekend. You could also visit the Eldon Garden Shopping Center that is aesthetically beautiful and provides you with a pleasing shopping experience.

How much money do you need for shopping?

The entry to the shopping centres is free; however, you will have to pay for the things you buy so the cost can range from £5-£100 pounds.


9.  Visit Tynemouth

The pretty seaside town is a perfect visit for when the weather is nice. The place has lovely shops, a beach and even a ruined castle.

Thins to do in Newcastle upon Tyne

Why should you go to Tynemouth?

The place is down to earth and makes an excellent location for tourists. You could relax and absorb the sunlight at the beach or take a drive to Alnwick castle. If you feel that the castle looks familiar its because this castle was the setting for two harry potter films!

How much money do you need to visit Tynemouth?

Visiting the castle costs £6 and the coast is free.

How to go to Tynemouth?

You can go to Tynemouth by car or by a private contractor van or car.

10. Spend One-Night Watching Comedy

If you love comedy shows, then you should attend a couple of shows of The Stand Comedy Club to make you burst out laughing.

Newcastle attractions

Why should you go to watch Comedy?

Comedy nights are much fun, and this comedy group dedicates itself to giving you a theatre-like experience. They even offer sandwiches to the attendees

How much money do you need to watch a comedy in Newcastle?

The tickets cost £5.

How to go to watch a Comedy in Newcastle?

You can go to the comedy show by metro or by bus or private car.

11. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

If you’re still confused about what to do in Newcastle. You can attend the many festivals that are happening all year round and also take a tour of the city with it as well.

enjoy the outdoors

Why should you go outdoors?

Touring the city will help you broaden your horizon and will end up as a fun experience no matter where you go. If you decide to visit a park, then you should try visiting the Saltwell park that is one of the very few Victorian parks in the world and even has a maze.

12. Visit the motor museum

Visit the Newburn motor museum for its collection of vintage cars.

car showrooms in newcastle

Why should you visit the Motor Museum?

If you’re someone that loves cars and their history, you should visit the Newburn motor museum to see the antique cars they have on display.

How much money do you need to visit the Motor Museum?

The entry to the museum is £2 per adult.

How to go to the Motor Museum?

You can visit the museum via public transport.

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