Terms & Conditions

Please note that by accepting our terms and conditions our booking policy follows:

When making an enquiry you will be asked to accept our terms of service.

An enquiry is only a price and is not a confirmed booking. Your booking is not confirmed until you make your deposit payment.

A deposit is to be paid to confirm a booking. The cost of the deposit will be a percentage of the total value of the journey. This deposit is strictly non-refundable. You may still cancel your booking after this stage and right up until the day or departure, but your deposit will not be refunded.

The remaining balance of the journey can be paid either on the day to the driver or in advance of the journey.

In the event of a breakdown, Tyneside Travel will aim to get the passengers picked up and on their way to the destination within 2 hours of stopping from the breakdown.

Please note that in the event of a breakdown if you miss your train, flight, meeting, or any kind of event, we can not be held responsible. Please ensure you have the correct insurance to cover this.

We have a strict £100 cash bond policy in place for any groups that wish to drink on our buses. This will be refunded in full provided there have been no spillages or damage to the bus, and/or excessive toilet breaks or abusive behaviour towards the driver.

Please note we may be required to give your contact number to our driver in the event that they need to contact you for reasons such as breakdowns, traffic delays, etc.