We provide mini bus transport in and around Newcastle for local sports teams


With our trusted trailer and friendly local drivers, we’re sure we can support you!

Want to arrange mini bus travel in Newcastle for your sports team? 


With the use of our Tyneside Travel Trailer at no extra cost, we’re the perfect choice for team travel. We can accommodate all your sports equipment and gear in our sturdy trailer.

We can seat from 6 up to 32 people across two exceptional, white mini buses. Our mini buses have privacy windows, are plain and un branded and all drivers wear smart uniform so you can travel in style.

Tyneside Travel Transport Company | Mini Bus & Coach hire Service in UK

Get your free mini bus quote… 0191 281 5622

Luxury Sports Travel Tours Company in Newcastle | Tyneside Travel

What can you expect?


  • Uniformed, smart drivers
  • Unbranded, white mini busses
  • We can accommodate from 6 up to 32 people
  • Immaculate interior
  • Friendly and professional drivers


If you do need transport for more than 32 people we can arrange that on your behalf too.

Get your free mini bus quote… 0191 281 5622

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